Vibrant, Resilient, Still Here: Contemporary Native Americans in Illinois

A Road Scholar Program by Pamala Silas

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Mar 15, 2022


Virtual Event


Open to the public

Join Pamela Silas for a deep dive webinar into the contemporary realities facing Native Americans today. This program will invite participants to engage in a safe space and learn about how Native tribes have adapted, and as well as answer questions about issues that affect Native cultures today.

Issues covered:

  • How the public learns about and sees Native Americans and some of the misconceptions
  • Demographic data
  • Topical issues that the community has prioritized
  • Common values
  • Opportunities to engage
  • Resources to learn more
  • Engaged storytelling, song (for younger audiences)

Register to attend this free virtual event. Open to the public. For more information, please contact Amy Dittmeier at

Pamala Silas is a member of Menominee Indian Tribe and an Oneida descendant. She has a BS in Economics from DePaul University and a Certification in Association Management. Learn more about Pamala Silas, this program, and how to book it.

Pamala Silas 385x600

Blue Island Public Library