Why and How to Cause the Change Required for Continued Human Prosperity

A Road Scholar Program by Amy Mcmorrow Hunter

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Apr 23, 2023


Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship
105 N Parrish Ln
Carbondale, IL 62901



Climate change and other human-caused disruptions to our natural environment have resulted in measurable declines in the ability of nature to support life, including human life. Urgently, transformative change in human behavior is needed in our societies to reverse the decline of life on Earth.

Despite humans’ dislike of change, our denial of unpleasant facts, and our proclivity to procrastinate, an unprecedented level of cooperation—fast, deep, and wide—will be required to turn things around. If we stay on our current path, future generations will be left with big, untenable messes and unstable societies.

Fortunately, we have the technology we need to make the change, and it’s totally possible. This program discusses how we got here, why it’s important to act now, how we can come together as a society to make the necessary changes, and how we can work to generate consensus on complicated issues.

This event is Free and Open to the public. For more information, please contact Laura Basanta at Lbasanta75@gmail.com.


Masks will be available for indoor activities. Masking while Indoors will be encouraged depending on the current risk level in the county.

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