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Antwoinette Ayers shares her voice of purpose to help those who need a mindset shift and inspiration

She has facilitated a "Vision Take Over" for students at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, helping them understand the principles of vision and how to accomplish their dreams by identifying goals and purpose. She has presented at universities, panels, churches, women's shelters, the Woman Evolve Conference at The Potters House TD Jakes Ministries, The Boys and Girls Club Alton Illinois, and other platforms.


Juneteenth in Me: A Journey of Remembrance and Education

Join Antwoinette Ayers, an influential voice in cultural education and remembrance, for an enlightening presentation on Juneteenth and its profound significance in St. Louis.

Antwoinette's talk is more than a historical account; it's a call to awareness and education about the often-untold stories of African Americans in St. Louis. She highlights the significance of locations like Bernard Lynch's slave pens, now replaced by modern landmarks, urging the audience to acknowledge and understand the cultural roots buried beneath the city's contemporary façade.

Antwoinette Ayers' "Juneteenth in Me" is not just a recounting of events; it's an immersive experience that educates, commemorates, and honors the African American journey. It's an invitation to understand and celebrate the liberation from bondage, echoing the sentiments and struggles of our ancestors through a contemporary lens. 

Book Antwoinette Ayers for this transformative experience to learn, remember, and pay homage to a pivotal chapter in American history. 

Program Logistics

The presentation takes approximately 45 minutes, with extra time at the end for Q&A, making it approximately one hour.

"On Their Shoulders" is a Black African American Libation ceremony performed annually on Juneteenth since 2020.


Antwoinette Ayers is the Founder of Visual Movement LLC, a black woman-owned business that coaches visionaries with holistic practices.

Ayers has been an entrepreneur for over 14 years. She is also a book publisher, speaker, creative director, and producer with one book, two documentaries, and multiple economic development projects currently in the works. Her life goal is to impact and enhance her community through Arts and Culture for generations to come.

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